About us

     The company CARRIE E CROWN LIMITED is officially registered on United Kingdom of great Britain (number 09863772 ) in November 2015 11 Weymead Close, Chertsey, Surrey, England, KT16 8PG. Director company is Carrie Crown. The company originally part of a large holding, but in early 2017 separated and became hesitate to act independently. As a result of rebranding was given the commercial name Crownverse LLC with which the company works today.

     Crownverse LLC is a small private company, mainly engaged in the conclusion of contractual relations in the production and supply of components for different kind of electronic and microelectronic devices. We organize mutually beneficial transactions between businesses both large and small. Analyzed markets, we find enterprises with a small turnover of capital, we offer pre-designed business plans and processes in their work, change all their produce to the market and their distribution channels, thereby increasing ten times capitalization of the companies, making their stock liquidity for the market. Developing, we had to continually adapt to market trends and not to miss a good opportunity, we began to invest in startups and development of new technological solutions. But the market is constantly changing and growing, what sold well yesterday may not to find a client today. Therefore, it was decided to go further up with time, not being late a single step. The main direction which immediately gave a huge result during only the initial negotiations, it development and delivery for leading manufacturers of systems of mining, the implementation of equipment from leading suppliers, and the establishment of a centre for significant technical support in this direction. Today we began a flurry of activity in this direction in connection with the expansion of our activities made a temporary solution to attracting investment on a short-term basis. We have developed a marketing plan and several investment products which works relatively short period of time, and give a huge income to our investors. The timing of all investment products is calculated based on force majeure and are safe for our company in terms of compliance with commitments without delay, and for investors is a quiet niche management and the enhancement of its capital.

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