Holtek expands family of Flash microcontrollers in small packages.

The company Holtek announced the next expansion of the family malovodne Flash microcontrollers. Features of the new device HT68F001 are a great price/performance, low voltage, low power consumption and high accuracy internal timer. A microcontroller suitable for use in such control applications that require the combination of simplicity and high accuracy time source.The device is intended primarily for systems with battery-powered, as well as for household appliances such as water filters, electric toothbrushes, led lamps, toasters and similar products.


Toshiba optocoupler logic output in case SO6L now available with increased pitch.

Toshiba Electronics Europe expands the range of optocouplers with logic output in case SO6L. The new devices are ideal for various applications, including high-speed digital interfaces, interfaces, I / o, PLCs, intelligent power modules and inverters for air conditioning systems, industrial devices and devices for solar energy.


The set of arrays of LEDs Cree XLamp CMA.

The company Cree, whose name is strongly associated with lighting LEDs, introduced a new family of these products. Arrays of XLamp LEDs CMA, according to the manufacturer, are characterized by the industry's best performance density of the luminous flux and efficiency of led technology COB. New light sources are optimized for operation at high currents. They are compatible with existing mounts and optical solutions for devices family, CXA2, twice surpassing the latter by the density of the luminous flux.


LPDDR4X be a massive memory for smartphones in 2017.

According to analysts DRAMeXchange division of the company TrendForce, mass memory for smartphones in 2017 will be the latest version of mobile memory LPDDR4X.Leaders in the manufacture of integrated circuits LPDDR4X are Samsung and SK Hynix. Samsung has started to mass produce the new memory first in the fourth quarter, but SK Hynix noted in January, when started the production of the most capacious chips LPDDR4X – 8 GB using a 21-nm process.


"Copolymers" will allow to cross the 10-nanometer milestone in the creation of microchips.

At the Massachusetts Institute of technology learn to create a PCB by using innovative materials, which for lack of a better version is still referred to as "copolymers".


Crownverse LLC start an investment program.

Dear partners, we are glad to inform You that we opened the investment program and registration.


Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the release of a new IС.

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the release of new ICS 4-channel driver motor H-bridge, designed for currents up to 3.5 a and voltage up to 40 V. the Driver TB67H452FTG is designed to quickly and significantly growing consumer market.More and more consumer devices become portable and transferred to standby power. As a result of growing needs in electric motors with high current drive at low supply voltage, e.g. for power tools, cameras and small household robots.


Most low-profile world of the supercapacitor.

Murata has introduced the low profile in the world of supercapacitors with a thickness of 0.4 mm. the Device of DMH is designed to increase peak power in portable applications, and many other devices. Mass production of supercapacitors has already begun. Supercapacitor is an energy storage, is 100 times superior to ceramic and electrolytic capacitors in terms of specific capacity, which is much more than conventional batteries.


The new DIP-IPM intelligent module.

The company Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new DIP-IPM intelligent module into the blade enclosure, which was called SLIM-DIP-L. Case of the IGBT module 30% less modules with similar functionality. Used in the construction of the crystal module is the latest generation of RC-IGBT (Reverse Conducting IGBT) low losses allowed to achieve significant energy savings. The Pinout and built-in functions module makes the design of the inverter is easier than ever.


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